Pacer Pride

Donate to the DSS PAC

We have launched our Pacer Pride program again this year. If you would like to make a donation to the PAC, please complete the form below and submit it to the office.

Donation Form

As parents, we all want our children have a great educational experience and develop
the habit of lifelong learning. We hope that whatever tools and supports our children
need will be available. The DSS PAC’s objective is to follow the steps laid out in our
vision and channel fundraising efforts to ensure that ALL our children benefit from the work the PAC does. In the past, Pacer Partner funds have been aimed toward obtaining new technology for DSS such as software, projectors and SmartBoards. Last year we embarked on a three year program to replace worn-out uniforms for our sports teams and to offer students the opportunity to borrow iPad minis from the school’s library. Please visit this link to explore the myriad innovations for learning that this technology will
introduce: If you are not interested in
these projects, you may indicate which department within the school you would like
your donation to go towards. Your voluntary donations above $25 will be eligible for
tax receipts.

After receiving funding requests from parents and staff, a draft budget is drawn up in
consultation with our school principal. Each allocation of donated funds is then
further discussed and voted upon at the spring PAC meeting. In the fall once all
funding is finalized, the budget is reviewed and amended as required. All parents
have an equal vote at the PAC meetings, so this is where you have the ability to
influence the priorities as much as any other parent. Consider your unique
perspective as a valuable resource for your child’s school.

In order to plan and implement PAC initiatives for the coming school year, we would
appreciate receiving donations by November 7th. Cheques should be made payable
to “Delta Secondary School”, not to the PAC. Please drop off the donation form and
cheque at the school office. You must complete the attached form to receive a tax
receipt by the end of this calendar year. To protect your privacy the PAC does not
receive a breakdown of what any individual or family has donated.

Thanks to everyone who gives of themselves for our children and our school,
The Delta Secondary School Parent Advisory Council

To contact the PAC, send an email to .