Hot Topics in Education

This page will list information regarding information in the press regarding education as well as What’s New at DSS.

Career Centre

Ms. Jew, DSS Career Advisor, has a great website with lots of information for the senior students (and their parents).  She is available at the school from 8:15am to 3:15pm Monday to Thursday.

Annual BCCPAC Educational Award – $1,000

The BCCPAC Educational Award is granted annually to a well-rounded student in Grade 12 who is involved and interested in many things and has an understanding of the importance of parent involvement in education. The student must be from a school that has a PAC that is a member of BCCPAC.

Completed applications must be received by the BCCPAC office by February 28th each year.

Guide for Parents – STOP Bullying (2015)

BCCPAC’s guide is available for download using the link above.

BC Jobs & Trades Websites

We came across two BC Jobs & Trades websites with a lot of great information.  We learned about them in the Programs and Careers Steering Committee.

Past Events

Terry Small, “The Brain Guy” – 7 February, 2017 – He does presentations on the brain and learning, leadership, health and wellness.

Future of Education (article from the Vancouver Sun)

This is an interesting article talking about the future needs of the business world versus the matter that our children are learning through their public education.

CBC Stories

We came across the following on the CBC website.  They are not directly related to education but quite interesting none the less.

Surviving: the Teenage Brain

CBC’s The Nature of Things ran a very interesting episode regarding the development of the teenage brain during the month of August.

Throw away all of your preconceived ideas about the behaviour and nature of teenagers. New research suggests that without our turbulent teen years the human race would be, as Dr. David Bainbridge puts it in Surviving:) The Teenage Brain, “short lived and stupid.” …

View full episode. (suggested browser IE)

Food for Thought

The DPAC Chair from the Coquitlam School District raises some interesting points in her recent blog.  She has also created a page of education related TEDtalks.

To contact the PAC, send an email to .