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Every parent/guardian of a DSS student is entitled to be a member of the school Parent Advisory Council.  We warmly welcome all of you to our meetings and invite you to share in our information and parent education opportunities. The PAC works hard to make DSS an inclusive and caring school community. In order to help support the environment, this year we will be attempting paperless meetings. Any ideas around holding green meetings are welcome.

Follow what’s going on by reading the minutes of previous meetings.

Your 2019/2020 PAC Representatives

Contact any one of the PAC executive by e-mail at .

  • Chair – Kerri Deane
  • Past Chair – Mike Brigham
  • Vice-Chair – Wayne Manary
  • Secretary – Carolyn Scott
  • Treasurer – Terry Henry
  • DPAC Rep – Vacant
  • Emergency Coordinator – Vacant
  • Communications – Rebeca Rubio
  • Dry Grad Rep – Tia Litz

PAC Vision

Vision for our School & Budgetary & Communication Guidelines

The Parent Advisory at DSS believes that parents have a role in the education system, and wishes to participate in ways that benefit our children’s school.

We believe the basic needs of all of our students must be met. We also believe that our school must be a welcoming place for all who learn and work here. The population at DSS is large, dynamic and diverse.  We wish to support each and every student to achieve success in his or her unique way. We also wish to collaborate with and support all those who work and learn in the school system: educational staff, school administration, student council and support staff.


We intend to allocate our funds in a manner that supports our vision.

We currently have access to two streams of funds: gaming dollars and general revenue dollars. Gaming dollars have restrictions placed upon them which make certain purchases ineligible. Purchases which are ineligible for Gaming funding must be purchased through general (fundraised) revenue. Types of expenditures that would fall within each fund are:

Gaming Account

  • Athletics
  • Clubs
  • The library
  • Scholarships
  • Field trips
  • Grade 8 orientation/welcome
  • Student council

General Account

  • Curricular classroom items such as work books, classroom computers, technology, etc.


We want to ensure that all parents of students at DSS are well informed about their school. We will provide timely, accurate and pertinent information about issues that affect parents and students at DSS. We will be responsive to the needs of the parent community.

PAC Documents

School Planning Council

The Delta Secondary School Planning Council has been working together to develop, monitor and review school plans since the 2002/03 academic year.  These plans are all focused on improving student achievement at our school. This work is part of a provincial accountability framework.  Plans developed by SPCs are connected to the district achievement contracts, Aboriginal enhancement agreements and the Ministry of Education review process.  Achievement information is collected and analyzed, plans are developed and implemented and progress is communicated out to the school staff and the general parent population.

Parents are kept informed for the work of the DSS School Planning Council at PAC meetings and through the school’s newsletter.

There is no longer a DSS School Planning Committee (SPC).  If you wish to know more about school planning processes, try the following links:

Constitution and By-Laws

If you are interested in the by-laws and rules that guide the PAC. Please refer to the document below.

Always feel free to contact us with your questions or concerns.